Welcome! I’m Desirée, founder of The Pewter Thimble.

I grew up wearing hand-me-downs. As an adult and sustainable stylist, I still do — proudly. A well-constructed garment made of quality fabric and well cared for can live many lives! The same is true of most of the objects that surround us. Buying pre-loved items brings their unique beauty, character, and history into our homes. It also keeps them out of landfills, and puts your money in the hands of small and local businesses.

The markets of Rome — my home — are as full of history as the streets. Shopping there gives you a new look at the city and gives you the chance to bring home a truly memorable souvenir, one that’s filled with history, is uniquely Italian, and sustainable. I began The Pewter Thimble to share my love of vintage and bring some dolce vita to wherever home is for you, whether you want to head to the market yourself to haggle or opt for one of my finds.

When I’m not sourcing vintage in the Eternal City, I’m home tinkering with a new skill to clean or fix objects and textiles. In my many years of working in costumes and wardrobe styling I learned a thing or two. So now, when I’m rehabilitating hand picked vintage and second hand pieces, I’m an expert in “Let’s try!” (Spoiler: most frequently the best idea is to seek the assistance of a professional sewist or artisan).

I don’t worry so much if I myself fail at mending or repairing – a bad mend is better than no attempt to mend at all.  

I hope you won’t be too hard on yourself either! So glad you’re here. If you’d like to hear from me now and then — twice a month, tops, I invite you to join The Pewter Thimble mailing list:

The Pewter Thimble also relies on (and appreciates!) the talents of Andrea Orioli,
graphic artist; Michelle Weber, web development; and Alice Negri, illustrator.