An illustration of a smiling red-haired white woman wearing a white shirt and black pants, done in a retro style.

Repairing in Rome

Hi Y’all, I’m Desiree, the human behind The Pewter Thimble. 

When I’m not sourcing vintage in the Eternal City, I’m home tinkering with a new skill to clean or fix objects and textiles. In my many years of working in costumes and wardrobe styling I learned a thing or two. So now, when I’m rehabilitating hand picked vintage and second hand pieces, I’m an expert in “Let’s try!”

(Spoiler: most frequently the best idea is to seek the assistance of a professional sewist or artisan).

I don’t worry so much if I myself fail at mending or repairing – a bad mend is better than no attempt to mend at all.  

I hope you won’t be too hard on yourself either! So glad you’re here.